Fuzzy geneticalgorithm approach foroptim ization ofsurge tanks

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Fuzzy geneticalgorithm approach foroptim ization ofsurge tanks

Shokufe Pourshahabi
(The Institute of Higher Education of Eqbal Lahoori,Mashhad,Iran)
ScientiaIranica A (2013)20 (2),278–285
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Abstract :

Thefundam entalgoalofapipeline utility isto serveitscustom ersw ith a low costw atersupply ofacceptablequality.The num ber,type,size,and location oftransientprotective devicesplay adirectrole in the pipeline system reliability and expenditure.The purpose ofthis study is to optim ize the design ofthese devices to prevent w ater colum n separation after source pum p pow er failure.The m inim um pressuresalong the pipeline are assum ed to be higherthan ‘‘− 10 m ’’to avoid w atercolum n separation.Arational,system atic,and efficientoptim ization algorithm isconstructed bycom biningtheFuzzyInference System (FIS)and the GeneticAlgorithm (G A).The FISrepresenting expertknow ledge isincorporated into the GA approach to im proveits fitness evaluation process.Three casesare presented to dem onstrate the effectivenessand efficiency ofthe proposed hybrid approach. © 2013 SharifUniversity ofTechnology.Production and hosting by ElsevierB.V.Allrightsreserved






Optim ization, Protective devices, Geneticalgorithm (G A), Fuzzy inference system, (FIS), Transientflow


کلمات کلیدی : Optim ization ، Protective devices ، Geneticalgorithm (G A) ، Fuzzy inference system ، (FIS) ، Shokufe Pourshahabi ، اقبال لاهوري ، پرتال پژوهشي ، پژوهشي

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