Source apportionment of volatile organic compounds in Tehran, Iran

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Source apportionment of volatile organic compounds in Tehran, Iran
Ali Ghiami Birjandi
(The Institute of Higher Education of Eqbal Lahoori,Mashhad,Iran)
Bull Environ Contam Toxicol , DOI 10.1007/s00128-012-0948-5, 2012
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Identifying the sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)is key issue to reducing ground-level ozone and PAN.A multivariate receptor model (Unmix)was used for the determination of the contributions of VOCs sources in Tehran-Iran. Concentration of ambient c2-c10 VOCs were measured continuously and online at the center of Tehran city during the winter of 2012.A high correlation coefficient existed bet ween measured and predicted values(r2=0.99) indicating that the data were well modeled. Five possible VOCs source categories were identified and mobile source such as vehicle exhaust (61%)and fuel evaportation (12%) more than half of the total VOC concentration. City gas and CNG source biogenic  source,and industrial solvent source categories accounted for 17%,8% and2% of the total VOC,respectively. Result showed Unmix for VOCs source apportionment can be used to analyze and generate air pollution control stratiegies and policies

VOCs,multivariate receptor model,source apportionment,unmix

کلمات کلیدی : VOCs ، multivariate receptor model ، source apportionment ، unmix ، Ali Ghiami Birjandi ، پژوهشي ، اقبال لاهوري ، پرتال پژوهشي

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