Extraction of a representative Instantaneous unit hydrograph

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Extraction of a representative Instantaneous unit hydrograph
Ali Ghiami Birjandi , Shokoufeh Pourshahabi
(The Institute of Higher Education of Eqbal Lahoori,Mashhad,Iran)
Water Management ,vol 166,No4 ,2012
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Tis paper deals with the problem of the presence of noise in the calculated instantaneous unit hydrograph(IUH). Daubechies wavalets are used to decompose and smooth the derived IUH by way of fast fourier transform. The result reveal the effectiveness of wavelet analysis in obtaining a fine separation of the noise frequencies from the main frequencies relating to IUHs. Choosing a representative IUH through the smoothed IUHs by a cross-validation technique, it can be applied to predict other flood events or as a design to in hydrology.

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